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You spend most of your
time inside your head…
Make it a nice place to be.

Create Positive Change in
Your Life

Are You Ready to Move
From Frazzled To Dazzled
by Life?

Veterinarians & Other Medical Professionals

From Burned Out to a
Burning Passion for Life

How we help:

Dr. Cynde Gardner is on a mission to transform the lives of those she works with. Using an integrative approach including coaching, hypnosis, NLP, emotional intelligence training, and tapping, Cynde tailors her work to each individual helping you create a life you love. She offers private or group sessions online or in person. Cynde speaks and trains at medical practices, businesses, conferences, professional organizations, non-profit and philanthropic organizations 

What Others are Saying:

“… Rarely have I felt so understood! ~DM~

“[She will]…guide you from being emotionally bankrupt to becoming mentally blessed.” ~EW~

“…highly enlightening about ways to take my life to the next level.” ~JM~

“…brings a wealth of knowledge and tools for changing your life…grounded in scientific fact and time-honored techniques for restructuring your mind, thoughts, and mental outlook.” ~Dr. JWE~


How are we different?


Cynde is a veterinarian, an experienced college instructor, trainer, speaker, author and coach. She is Board Certified in Hypnosis.

Custom Programs

Cynde tailors her programs to each individual or group, to guide you in creating a life you love.
Online and in-person training courses available.


Cynde speaks regularly at organizations, international conventions, and philanthropic groups and has spoken at the Harvard Business Expert Forum.

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