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About Us

Move from Frazzled to Dazzled by Your Life

Picture of CyndeDr. Cynde Gardner is on a mission to transform the lives of professionals. As a retired veterinarian, she works to counteract excessive stress, depression, imposter syndrome and even suicidal thinking that plagues too many veterinarians and other professionals. 
Cynde has experienced first-hand the demands of practicing as both an associate and a practice owner. 
A serious car accident resulted in a chronic pain syndrome and the loss of much of the use of her right arm and hand. This effectively ended her career as a practicing veterinarian. 
Years of severe depression, pain, and wanting to end it all followed until Cynde discovered the power of the mind-body connection. She learned how her thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitude could positively or negatively affect her biological and emotional functioning.
Cynde also learned that how we treat our physical body impacts our mental status. It’s all interconnected in an intricate dance. By learning and using simple tools and techniques consistently, Cynde regained the full use of her hand and arm. A feat her doctors believed would never be possible. She also regained her mental health, moving from feeling defeated to being fully engaged in life again.
Her personal healing journey led Cynde to establish Bright Paths, a hypnotherapy and coaching practice that supports others experiencing excessive stress, depression, imposter syndrome, and physical or emotional pain.
Integrating her skills and experience as a practicing veterinarian with her years as a board-certified hypnotist and coach, Cynde shares simple, powerful and sustainable lifetime tools that can be used in any situation. She is passionate about helping veterinarians and their staff move From Frazzled to Dazzled by veterinary medicine and life.